Anonymous: The tumblr app for me works so well! But I dont want to stress you about not posting. You should enjoy your summer with the people you want to be with! I'm suprised people are unfollowing you! When you post it's always interesting I just miss you

aw thank you sweetie!! well, for me it’s always do slow and stuff ugh and the gifs never work and it takes an eternity to scroll my dash bc of that…and yes, i enjoy but i also try to post a bit more to keep everyone happy, it’s so nice to hear someone is missing me :3

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oli ihan saakelin pitkä aika siitä ku viimeks kävi baaris mut aika helvetillinen itsetuntoboosti oli taas, pakko myöntää

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Anonymous: I don't want it to sound rude so I'm sorry if it does, but why don't you post as much as you used to? I know people get busy but you only post every few days and we really miss you post I all the time! I'm having withdraw from your blog.

aw no you’re not rude! i am so sorry, i’ve been kinda busy during the whole summer: i’ve been traveling and doing so much things and kinda lived w/o a computer and just concentrated on being with my friends and bf. it’s sad to hear that and i’ve actually lost followers during the summer maybe for that (?)

but hey, i try to post more, luckily there’s the tumblr app (tho it sucks)

ilu all and haven’t forgotten you xoxo

❝Everybody used to think Mick was my real hero, but I’ll confess now, it was Janis. The scarves on the mike, the howl…inspired and perspired by pure 180-proof Joplin.❞
Hanoi Rocks (my edit)

Hanoi Rocks (my edit)


Michael Monroe 1985


Michael Monroe 1985



European vs. American Football Coaches

this could be America v. Europe in general


tbh en oo vieläkää sisäistäny et tarja halonen ei oo enää presidentti.

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I couldn’t scroll past this.

"rock is evil"

People are fucking idiots

Every single person I’ve met in a punk or rock band have been the nicest people I’ve met in my life.


Debbie Harry & Joey Ramone, Madison Square Garden, by Bob Gruen.


Debbie Harry & Joey Ramone, Madison Square Garden, by Bob Gruen.